NamePrism API

A Web API is opened for easy access to NamePrism predictions. You can simply send URL requests to fetch well-formated results in text(a list of nationality and probability pairs). The format of URL request:[prediction type]/[response format]/[query name]. "[prediction type]" can be either "nat" (nationality) or "eth" (ethnicity). "json" or "csv" for "[response format]". "[query name]" needs to be in Percent-encoding.

Examples with API tokens

 JSON format response:

 CSV format response:

Replace "[API_token]" in request URL with your granted API token for test.

API Limit

If you want to be supported by NamePrism, please finish this application form AND send an email to Prof. Steven Skiena ( with your affiliation email account to get API access tokens or put your static IP to our whitelist (You are suggested to request a token if you have never heard "static IP" before) (deprecated) (Please note that this service is under low maintainance). Please join Google group NamePrism to get updates of the API. Please limit your request rate below 60 per minute.